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Is this what democracy looks like?

It is time to judge the SNP leadership

Scottish NHS privatisation is not a myth

INTERVIEW: Nick Kempe on the National Care Service farce

Giving up the initiative

The currency capitulation

Why was SNP conference so flat?

Judge me on education record

Chaos reigns...but is there an independence plan?

Monarchs and Myths

Pakistan: The crucible of crisis

Scotland for sale

At the departure gate

Where is the independence case?

The SNP and the corporate lobby

SNP Trade Union Group motion excluded

Box ticking

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Johnson resigns: Tory divisions and the Scottish dimension

AUDIO: The state of play after the First Minister's statement

Party strategy: The SNP and the national question

INTERVIEW: Scotland After Britain

Something doesn't add up

Monthly digest #3

A question of trust

Tipping Point

As the world changes, the SNP stands still

NATO, Trident and Independence

Avoiding hyperbole - some thoughts on the Scottish council elections

Coming up: elections special

The independence movement must fully register the defeat of 2014

Monthly digest #2

Independence as an extension of British liberalism

Struck by Covid

Where would the SNP be without the Tories?

Project Neptune

Scotland and the cost of living crisis

Monthly digest

Independence supporters need to talk about the policy failures of the Scottish Government

The SNP and the No Fly Zone

A pause to the independence campaign? It never started

Ukraine raises the spectre of new intolerance

The war and the national question

Referendum olympics

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