As much as she had many serious failings, Sturgeon did at least (make the strategic decision to) steer the SNP into a progressive alliance with the Greens, which was planning some really positive reforms for trans people and tenants in Scotland.

As a queer non-binary person who rents in Glasgow, I am genuinely terrified that Kate Forbes could win today. Her pathetic climb down over GRA reform would inevitably push the Greens out of government, further emboldening Forbes to pursue her rightwing economic agenda. She would be certain to scrap Patrick Harvie’s ambitious plans for a tenants rights bill, which was said to include a comprehensive system of rent controls. Even more worryingly, Forbes’ fundamentalist views mean she might well try to scrap plans for buffer zones outside abortion clinics – she has already signalled she is unlikely to go ahead with the ban on gay conversion therapy.

I’m no fan of the SNP, but I am pretty desperate for Humza Yousif to win today! The alternative would be a huge step backwards – and a very dark moment for women, trans people and tenants in Scotland.

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Hi Peter. Thanks - corrected!

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Thanks, bookmarked for a bleakly helpful summary of the state we're in.

In para 3, are you able to edit the sentence that includes "her leadership set about defenestrating the new grassroots of the party swelled its numbers by around 100,000 people" so it makes more sense?

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