An interesting piece. I'm undecided about EU membership, but we need to be in the Single Market, so I would support joining EFTA, which only takes a few months, and making a decision about joining the EU (which would take years anyway) until after we're independent.

However, all of this is irrelevant, as it pertains to an independent Scotland, and the SNP leadership have no plan at all to get us our independence. They've become seduced by power, and are quite comfortable as colonial administrators. Their position on Brexit is irrelevant at Westminster. Even if they won every single seat in Scotland, they would only hold 57 out of 650. Their plan to fight the next General Election on "domestic matters" means they will lose seats in Scotland, even though Keir Starmer's popularity in Scotland declines.

The meaningless "convention" in Caird Hall in a few weeks is a much-delayed and very rare encounter between the leadership and the membership, and it's already clear that no decision will be taken there. In fact, the SNP leadership are making themselves irrelevant to the independence movement altogether.

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Pretty much yup to everything. Caird Hall is a complete kicking cans between Dens Park and Tannadice.. For ever. No independence in my lifetime same as my grandpop's. The fight for it was good and worthwhile. Just cause it didn't happen it doesn't mean it won't.

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Yes, my OH was saying as much today, and it's quite depressing. Unless the audience in Caird Hall actually seize control of the meeting and start demanding answers!

I know good people who want independence who are still hanging on in the SNP, but I also know many people with decades of membership who started to walk away in 2020.

As regards indy, it certainly won't come through the SNP. But really, the party leadership have made themselves so irrelevant to the rest of the movement in the past few years that events since February have actually been quite freeing.

I think if we can free ourselves from the idea that the political class are the route to independence, we can take control ourselves and make things happen. I always wanted to be one of those grannies the police had to drag off the road at a demo. I assumed it would be in front of a nuclear convoy, but I'm up for this struggle!

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Thanks Jonathan 😊

I wouldn't join the EU now VDL looks like a warmonger to me. EFTA maybe, but the jury is out for me atm. Nusnp are definitely not the independence party and haven't been since nicoliar took over from our most able politician. They are shaming Scotland and most embarrassing to any clear thinking Scot.

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Could you put this more clearly? There seem to be lots of points being made but they all fall into a stramash of points. But thanks I agree with you (I think). And the SNP have a plan - mair gravy

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It's up to us to tease out all points.

Aye and yes: mair gravy. Hope they choke 🤑🤥🤨

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