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Mar 17, 2022·edited Mar 17, 2022

Everything I have been screaming about for ages now. If they are not getting us over the line so we can get rid of them and in the meantime are doing untold damage to our future what is the point of them? Honestly sick of failed, poor or non existent SNP policy which makes it impossible to have discussions in support of independence. Many people very firmly associate independence with failed SNP policy which is a barrier to moving the dial in the polls and ultimately any referendum which might hypothetically happen. The leadership is making the party less and less democratic and it is obvious they are more and more in thrall to corporate and vested interests. A vote for independence with this as the prospective future is a vote for an arbitrary, meaningless border with no substantive change for the people of Scotland or our environment. It’s not even as if the SNP is particularly making the case for Independence on its own terms. They are in a defensive position, playing by someone else’s rules and clearly have no faith in Scotland’s ability to do things differently, either that or they just have a singular lack of imagination and intelligence. The alternative is that they either don’t want independence and/or believe the only way is “to be like Ireland” - no thanks. They seem to have no vision and absolutely refuse to recognise the fantastic work on policy from a National Care Service to Currency going on in the independence movement. The only independence story they are interested in is the GMK variety where they can justify their every move by having a poll on it. This will soon be the only messaging the SNP permits and legitimises. Not a lot different from what’s going on in the LP right now really.

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