Aug 13, 2022·edited Aug 13, 2022

I agree with Robert T. The country is not ready for a campaign, yet. IndyRef2 won't happen next year and a WM GE plebiscite is the wrong election. Sturgeon will need to be gone with the Yes movement pulling together at the next Scottish HR election. This will give plenty time, more than enough for those tired of waiting, to educate the population regarding Claim of Right and build the movement.

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TBH Jonathon as far as i'm concerned the reason there is no fanfare is because No 1 most REAL independence supporters have been here before and have scant belief that this betrayer of Scotland and Scots has ANY intention of fighting for independence

IMO this narcissistic selfie queen is more interested in maintaining her power in her Vichy SP , her proclamations have ALL been found to have been HOLLOW

I believe that our independence is tied up with the SSRG group , SALVO and REAL independence supporting parties

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