May 26, 2022Liked by Jonathon Shafi

I couldn't agree more with the points in the article. The Growth Commission needs to be countered with everything we have. It is a disastrous idea going into a referendum campaign for the Independence movement.

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May 25, 2022Liked by Jonathon Shafi

Again, everything I have been shouting about since I saw his articles swiftly followed by Blackford’s. We are doing our best in the Scottish Currency Group to push what conference actually voted for which was Tim Rideout’s amendment making clear the 6 tests were irrelevant or unnecessary. It is clear they are designed as obstacles to setting up our own currency. They lied when they said that they thought the SCG needed to be updated, they simply meant to change the date at the top of the document. I cannot sell Sterlingisation going into a campaign and I won’t, it is dishonest to pretend it would be anything but disastrous for ordinary people and would deliver Scotland to be carved up by the usual suspects. Without our own currency we are powerless to protect our resources, our land and our direction.

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