Can't see the wood for the trees ?

Robin McAlpine nails it.


But many still can’t figure out why ?

The answer is very simple they had to and the reason they had to was because they have to get ready for EU membership and the Euro.

Every man and his dog knew to be ready for the EU sweeping cuts and sweeping privatisations and political U turns would have to be made to comply with the EU treaties and fiscal rules.

But as yet nobody has had the courage to come out and say it. Tell the truth.

The SNP are neoliberal globalists who want to drag Scotland into the EU and sell off Scotland’s assets to the rent seekers as that is what EU membership is all about.

EVERYTHING the SNP has been doing is for EU membership with eyes on the Euro.

Robin can explain what’s happening in great detail.

But fails to grasp why it has been happening so quickly.

Robin can explain the betrayal of the Green Party.

But fails to grasp why. The Greens want to be at the heart of Europe also and adore the EU.

This is their main objective nothing else matters.

We will get our independence referendum after everything has been sold off and the budget deficit has been slashed. Why the growth commission was written the way it was. It was setting the stage of things to come.

That has been their plan all along.

The fact that everyone from the left Who opposed EU membership and knew what EU membership meant for Scotland. Thought all of this was going to happen later if they managed to pass an EU referendum were simply deluding themselves.

It started 4 years ago and there will never be a referendum on the EU. The SNP are going to steamroller everything through.

EVERYTHING they are doing is to make the joining of the EU as straightforward as possible but many can’t connect the dots. Somebody who can reach the grassroots movement needs to come out and say it and say it so everyone can hear it.

Way too many people think the SNP and Greens suddenly turned Tory and u turned on promises. That is a mistaken theory. They didn’t they have been systematically turning EU. Taking guidance from the EU treaties and fiscal rules on any reforms they need to do.To make it as easy as possible to join and then concentrate on the Euro.

Which will be a complete and utter disaster for Scotland. Why can't the SNP and Greens move away from both globalism and neoliberalism orthodoxy? Why do they look bereft of ideas and then right?

Because EU membership and the Euro demands it.

Pure and simple.

I don't know how many warnings you need before you wake up to the facts. Warned you years ago and even now after everything that has happened you still won't listen. Fail to understand what is happening. Continue to Allow Craig Dalzell and Richard Murphy to control the narrative and framing. Who both adore the EU and are leading you into a neoliberal nightmare.

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You are either from the left or a liberal Jonathon. You can't be both.

If you try to be both they'll steamroller right over the top of you.

It is IN or OUT of the EU.

There is no such thing as part in, part out, it simply doesn't exist.

EFTA is IN no matter what these liberal types tell you, who pretend they are from the left. Who are Scared of having their own sovereignty. Want a neoliberal judge in a neoliberal court to instruct them how to proceed.

Wake up, or the only thing that stops this neoliberal, globalist, nightmare from becoming a reality at this point, is another defeat in the next independence referendum.

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i am wildly unnetworked lol and an 'incomer' to boot but the few snp supporters i know are 'petty bourgeois' (thats me done, i'll get me coat)

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Jun 8, 2022Liked by Jonathon Shafi

the missing ingredient, the reason for the inertia and stalling is a lack of class basis to the constitutional questionb and the rhetoric of independence conceals the slash and burn globalisation of the the growth commission - you are too gentle or generous with the snp leadership Jonathon lol. To give the independence question a new lease of life is to root it (again) in class (???)

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Thanks for your comment, Nick. I will look to pick up on your last sentence in more detail in a future edition.

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